Our Promise

Extraordinary every time, right in every way


We don't agree with sweatshops and production lines.

Every single piece of Ingle & Rhode jewellery is made in the UK by the industry's most respected craftsmen. And the quality of workmanship shows, from the precise setting to the perfect polish. The result is a lasting symbol of love backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Our lifetime warranty


We work to your budget, not some sales target.

The perfect WOW is no longer the preserve of the wealthy few. We are democratising access to luxury jewellery. Don't pay for big brands and big shopfronts full of salespeople shifting mass-produced stock.

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Our business is built on happy clients and long-term relationships.

We understand that buying a piece of fine jewellery isn't something you do every day. Our advice and support goes beyond guiding you to the perfect ring in a beautiful box, to a lifetime of exceptional customer service.

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For most jewellers the word 'ethical' is little more than a smokescreen. For us it's the single, defining standard that determines everything that goes into your ring and how it's crafted. We use the finest quality materials, but only those that we can trace back to source, such as certified Fairtrade gold and Canadian diamonds.

Ethical Gold and Platinum Ethical Diamonds and Gems