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rub-over set diamond engagement ring

Rub-Over Set Engagement Rings

Elegant rub-over or bezel set engagement rings, designed and made to order with your choice of stunning diamonds and gemstones.

Choose from a large selection of magnificent gems, all sourced from traceable ethical supplies and guaranteed conflict-free.

If you're looking for a rub-over or bezel set engagement ring, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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Rub-over or bezel settings

A rub-over or bezel setting holds the diamond or gemstone in place with a 'rim' of precious metal arcing round the stone. Rub-over or bezel settings offer maximum protection to the gems and also add considerably to its perceived size.

Rub-over set engagement rings come in a very wide range of styles, from the very traditional to the very modern, and from 'Eastern' or ethnic designs to the more 'Western' styles. Half bezels are also very popular, where the bezel is 'split' into two sections.

In an engagement ring, a rub-over setting can allow all the stone to sit close to the finger, which can be more practical for day to day wear, as it makes it more difficult for the stone to catch or snag on anything.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about rub-over or bezel settings or any other diamond settings, or if you would like to book a complimentary bespoke jewellery consultation.

What's special about Ingle & Rhode?

All of our jewellery is designed and made in the UK. Our diamonds and gemstones all come from ethical sources and are guaranteed conflict-free. We offer a choice of certified Fairtrade or recycled gold or platinum.

What is The Ingle & Rhode Collection?

The Ingle & Rhode Collection is a selection of our stunning engagement rings that we hold in stock. If you're looking for something different, and have a little time, we can make your ring to order to match your specifications and your budget.

How much does your jewellery cost?

Wedding rings start from about £400 and engagement rings from about £1500. Prices vary according to each client's requirements, and there's no upper limit. Let us know what you're looking for - we'd be happy to provide you with a quote.

When will my jewellery be ready?

Engagement rings from The Ingle & Rhode Collection are available for immediate purchase. Classic plain wedding bands typically take about 3 weeks. Custom-made rings typically take 6-7 weeks.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7.30pm. We'd be delighted if you came to see us, but please contact us first so that we can book you an appointment. We're also very happy working by phone and email - many of our clients are based overseas.

Do you have a brochure?

Yes, please feel free to download a copy.


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All went well with the proposal and my girlfriend absolutely loved the ring!

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