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  • Colour Craze For 2013 Weddings

    2013 will bring a wonderful array of new design trends to brides to be. Along with catwalk dress designs incorporating ‘portrait’ or detailed backs, heavy use of lace and waist-defining peplums, these new designs moving away from more traditional styles and key designers have added a huge splash of colour to dresses for 2013. The catwalk recently saw dresses appearing in bold reds, oranges, blues and even black. Anything goes when it comes to dress colour in 2013 – the main thing to check is that the colour you choose complements your skin tone.

    Jewellery Design
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  • A Brief History Of Birth Stones

    The addition of a birth stone is a great way to personalise a piece of bespoke jewellery. Birth stones are usually associated with months of the year or the signs of the zodiac - which means they are particularly appropriate for birthdays or other special anniversaries - as well as qualities of character. But where did the idea of birthstones originate, and what do they each mean?

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How to choose a diamond

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