Colour Craze For 2013 Weddings

2013 will bring a wonderful array of new design trends to brides to be. Along with catwalk dress designs incorporating ‘portrait’ or detailed backs, heavy use of lace and waist-defining peplums, these new designs moving away from more traditional styles and key designers have added a huge splash of colour to dresses for 2013. The catwalk recently saw dresses appearing in bold reds, oranges, blues and even black. Anything goes when it comes to dress colour in 2013 – the main thing to check is that the colour you choose complements your skin tone.

And it’s not only the dresses that will be more colourful. There has been a strong amd continuing trend this year in brides wanting coloured gemstones in their engagement rings. And with the trends for 2013 to include much more colour, we are sure that trend will only continue. What better to complement a coloured wedding dress than an engagement ring made with brilliant blue sapphires or magificent red rubies? Many of our clients who want to incorporate coloured gemstones in their ring or rings want something totally unique and different: something to stand out from the crowd.

At Ingle & Rhode, we offer a very wide range of stunning and ethically-sourced gemstones from which we can tailor-make your ring to your exact specifications.

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