Top Ten Engagement Ring Styles for 2016

With the end of 2015 in sight, we thought it would be fun to have a look forward to next year and try to predict the styles of engagement ring that will be the most popular in 2016.

Diamond & Emerald Trilogy Swirl Ring

Number 10 - Swirl

This modern classic is most often set with a single round brilliant cut diamond, but recently we’ve seen a move towards three-stone configurations, like this beautiful diamond and emerald ring.


Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Number 9 - Rose Gold

Having fallen out of favour for a little while, rose gold has has seen a resurgence in recent years, and it’s popularity shows no sign of wavering. Its soft pink tone works beautifully with white diamonds as well as sapphires in pastel shades.


Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Number 8 - Sapphire Cluster

Prince William famously proposed to Kate Middleton with the blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring that had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. Recently we’ve seen increasing interest in fancy coloured sapphires, including pinks and yellows.


Split Shoulder Engagement Ring

Number 7 - Split Shoulders

Creating sophisticated and elegant engagement rings, split shoulders can have small diamonds added for vintage detail, or kept plain for a more contemporary look feel.


Woven Shoulder Engagement Ring

Number 6 - Woven Shoulders

More of an organic, flowing feel that the split shoulder, woven shoulder engagement rings can also be given a more vintage feel with the addition of small diamonds, like this beautiful example in Fairtrade 18t yellow gold.


Butterfly engagement ring

Number 5 - Themes from Nature

Harking back to the Art Deco era, themes from nature, such as leaves, flowers and butterflies, can create delicate and feminine engagement ring designs, and look set to become increasingly popular.


Double halo engagement ring

Number 4 - Double Halos

Just in case one halo doesn’t provide enough sparkle, how about two? We think this style works best when the small diamonds are cut-down-set.


Pear cut engagement ring

Number 3 - Pear Cut Gems

Traditionally, pear cut diamonds and gemstones were used as accent stones on either side of a central diamond. Recently though, we’ve seen a growing trend for the pear to take centre stage.


Starry night diamond ring

Number 2 - Unique Designs

In 2016, more than twenty percent of all engagement rings are likely to be bespoke commissions and many of these will be unique designs. Inspiration can come from a client’s favourite artwork, architecture, holiday destinations, or almost anywhere.


Solitaire engagement ring

Number 1 - Solitaires

A timeless classic, the diamond solitaire has been the archetypal engagement ring for more than a century, and will almost certainly account for more engagement ring sales in 2016 than any other style.

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