"We survived a year of transatlantic WhatsApping (and an eight-hour time difference!)"

Amy and I met during our time at the University of Warwick, where she undertook an exchange year from her studies at University of California, Los Angeles, whilst I was in my first year of reading Chemistry. We survived a year of transatlantic WhatsApping (and an eight-hour time difference!) when she returned home to California to complete her studies, before she moved back to the UK.

Amy had always said she wanted an engagement ring that was vintage, in an effort to avoid creating demand for yet another diamond in the world, and thus minimize the horrendous environmental and human impacts that diamond mining can have. I was never fully comfortable with the concept of a pre-owned engagement ring, but I knew I had to embrace it. However, when I started searching, I found it almost impossible to find something I liked and that was still in great condition. After a fair bit of Googling, I came across an article in The Independent, describing David Rhode’s journey to creating Ingle & Rhode. After a few phone calls with David, where I learnt how broken the Kimberley Process really is, and the approach that Ingle & Rhode take to diamond and metal sourcing and jewellery production, I was more than convinced. Thankfully, after a trip down to London to meet David, Amy was just as convinced!

"We went back and forth quite a bit to get the design just as we wanted, and our pickiness was never an issue"

Our experience with Ingle & Rhode was fantastic – it was insightful, exciting, and really enjoyable! We worked with a variety of people to design the ring, choose the right diamond, and select the metal. Amy had already found a few photos of vintage rings she liked and that we were able to use to get the design process started, and everything just flowed naturally from there! We went back and forth quite a bit to get the design just as we wanted, and our pickiness was never an issue. David gave a lot of helpful advice on selecting the perfect diamond, simplifying the four famous C’s, and we couldn’t have been happier with the result when we finally collected the finished ring!

The proposal was a little…. unconventional. The first Amy knew of my ring-search saga was when we turned up on Ingle & Rhode’s doorstep in London to learn more about them, so perhaps that counts as the unofficial proposal?! Worryingly, in the eight years of us being together, an 11-hour flight meant our parents had never met in person. So, when we all flew out to California for an Easter vacation, Amy and I knew we had to make the most of the opportunity. We booked a table at The Boathouse Restaurant in Santa Barbara (Amy’s hometown) and used that as a chance to make it official. Our parents had only met the day before, but everything went perfectly!

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"Ingle & Rhode is one of London's number one jewellery destinations"

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode... the jewellers leading the way to cleaner, greener gold."

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Better shut the cabinet doors, I'm feeling involuntary kleptomania coming on"

Ingle & Rhode Review

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Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode... committed to ethical sourcing."

Ingle & Rhode Review

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