Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the perfect

Engagement ring

Set your budget

Set your budget

Some people may tell you that you should spend one month's salary or more on an engagement ring, but we believe that you should spend whatever you feel comfortable with. Ingle & Rhode engagement rings start from about £1500.

Whatever your budget, the Ingle & Rhode Collection includes a range of classic designs to suit most tastes, and if you choose to commission a bespoke engagement ring, we will design and make it to your exact specifications.

Choose your style

If you're choosing or designing a ring without your partner's direct input, pay attention to how she reacts to other women's engagement rings, or if she points out rings she likes! These helpful little 'hints' will help us find or create the perfect ring. It may also be worth speaking to her girlfriends and relatives for advice.

There is a wide range of different styles that you may wish to consider, from classic solitaire engagement rings (set with one stone), to trilogy rings (set with three stones), to vintage engagement rings (often set with lots of small diamonds). Perhaps she loves Art Deco engagement rings that capture the romance of a bygone age? Or maybe she prefers the simple elegance of more contemporary, modern engagement rings?

Select Gems

Select your gems

Choosing the right diamond or gemstone is vital, and usually the biggest factor in determining the price of an engagement ring. We offer a stunning range of conflict-free diamonds and ethically-produced gemstones, which can all be traced back to mine-of-origin.

Diamonds are valued according to their weight (carats) and their quality (colour, clarity and cut), known as the 4 Cs.

The shape of a gem has a significant impact on the style of ring. The most popular options are the round brilliant cutprincess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, oval cut, pear cut, radiant cut, and marquise cut.

But remember, diamonds are not the only option! You may also wish to consider sapphire engagement rings, ruby engagement rings, or emerald engagement rings.

Precious Metals

Select your precious metal

We offer both certified Fairtrade gold and recycled gold and platinum. Choose from 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, 18ct rose gold or platinum 950.

If she already wears jewellery, see which metal colour she seems to prefer. Yellow gold is traditional, but white gold and platinum are overwhelmingly the most popular choices. Platinum is a stronger than gold, which can have advantages for settings, but costs a little more.

Rose gold is a little bit more unusual, which might work well if you're looking for something a bit different.

Our certified Fairtrade gold helps to provide better living and working conditions for small-scale miners and their communities. Our recycled gold and platinum has been refined back to its pure form before it is alloyed, so that it is of identical quality to newly-mined precious metals, but without the environmental impact.

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Made to order rings

Made to order

Bespoke rings

We can create a one-off ring to your unique specifications and budget. Bespoke engagement rings start from about £1500

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Ready to buy rings

Ready to buy

Engagement rings

Browse our collection of stunning engagement rings, designed and made by the most respected craftsmen and women in the industry.

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