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The Ingle & Rhode Crown Collection

Seven platinum rings to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabethll

Symbolise your love for the royals ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with our brand new range: The Crown Collection.

The collection comprises seven crown and tiara shaped platinum rings, inspired by the regal jewel boxes of the British Monarchy.

Everyone has their favourite royal, whether you admire Princess Kate, Prince Harry or one of the littlest royals, Prince George, choose a ring which reflects them.

Many of the rings ooze opulence and luxury, much like their regal inspiration. However, the Prince William ring shows a much more understated and modern side of the royals.

The collection would make an incredible gift to the royal family lover in your life, ahead of this year’s Jubilee celebrations.

If they truly admire these regal members of society – why not celebrate them with a jewellery piece to last a lifetime?

As with all of our products you are assured of the highest of standards when it comes to ethical sourcing. Our commitment to sustainability and Fairtrade is unmatched, so you can enjoy the Ingle & Rhode Crown Collection with complete peace of mind. 

To order the exclusive Crown Collection, please contact us.

IR Crown Collection infographic

The Queen: Pay homage to the most regal of all the royal family members with this opulent platinum crown ring, reminiscent of the crown jewels. Covered in the highest standard, ethically sourced sapphires, diamonds and rubies, this blingy statement ring is sure to impress even the majesty herself.

The Diana: Inspired by the iconic sapphire engagement ring given to her by Prince Charles, this ring showcases a beautiful oval sapphire.

The Kate: The halo tiara worn by Kate on her wedding day is now considered to be one of the most iconic royal wedding tiaras in history. Have the same dazzling effect on those around you with this blingy baguette-cut diamond encrusted tiara ring.

The Prince Charles: Commemorate the Prince of Wales with this platinum crown ring which features the embossed Prince of Wales feathers.

The Prince William: A plain, modern ring design, the ring symbolises understated elegance and is inspired by his endeavours to appear more down to earth.

The Prince Harry: To symbolise the crossover between his British beginnings and new stateside life, we have created an all-American crown ring with red, white and blue stones.

The Prince George: A tiny pinky-size crown ring to celebrate the youngest direct heir to the throne.

Price for collection: £20,000