Diamond & Gemstone Settings

Choosing the setting that's right for you

Diamond settings or gemstone settings are the structures that hold a diamond or gemstone in place. The aim of any setting is to ensure that the gem is properly secured while also allowing as much light to enter the stone as possible. This is a balancing act, as the more metal used to hold the gem, the more secure it is, but the less light that is able to reach the stone. The less metal that is used in the setting, the more light that is able to reach the gem, but the weaker the setting.

The style of a diamond setting or gemstone setting is a key aspect of jewellery design. For more information about some of the most popular diamond and gemstone settings, please follow the links below:

If you have any questions about diamond settings or gemstone settings, or any other aspects of bespoke jewellery design, please feel free to contact us.

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