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Trilogy Engagement Rings

Our beautiful selection of three stone engagement rings or trilogy engagement rings offers a range of diamonds shapes for the centre stone, as well as a choice of diamond or sapphire side stones. And if you don't see quite what you're looking for here, we'd be very happy to create a bespoke design to your specifications.

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Trilogy Engagement Rings

Three stones to represent your past, present and future

Sometimes referred to as ‘trinity rings’, three stone or trilogy rings are set with three gems, a configuration that is said to represent your past, present and future. This seemingly simple design can be configured many different ways, so here are some key decisions you may wish to consider if you think a trilogy engagement ring might be the right choice.

Consider combining diamonds and coloured gemstones

Many trilogy designs consist of three diamonds, and this is the most popular arrangement. However, it’s not at all unusual to combine diamonds with a coloured gemstone, usually ruby, sapphire or emerald. If a coloured stone is involved, it is usually the centrepiece, flanked by two diamonds, but it is not unusual to reverse this arrangement, with a diamond set between a matching pair of coloured gems. However as diamonds are typically priced higher than coloured gemstones, using a diamond as the centrepiece may well end up being a more expensive option.

Consider combining different cuts

Once you’ve decided on what combination of gems to use, you’ll need to think about your preferred shapes. Aesthetically, designs tend to work best if you combine straight-edged shapes with other straight-edged shapes, while rounded or ‘soft’ shapes work well with other ‘soft’ shapes. For example, a rectangular or emerald cut central stone can look fantastic flanked by two smaller emerald cuts or straight baguette cuts, while a central oval gemstone will often be flanked by two smaller round stones. Certain shapes seem to naturally work well as ‘accent’ stones, offering great versatility – pear cuts (sometimes referred to as tear drops) and tapered baguettes can all look good alongside almost any central gemstone, whether rounded or straight edged.

Consider the size of the centre stone versus the side stones

You’ll need to think about the relative sizes of the centrepiece and the two accent stones. The two side stones together will often weigh roughly the same as the centre stone – for example, a central half carat diamond might be flanked by two quarter carat diamonds. However, this is just a rule of thumb, and it is possible to create a really distinctive design using either a more even balance between the three stones, or alternatively using a more dominant central stone.

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The Jewellery Journey

Discover how your ring will be brought to life, from our designer’s hand-drawn sketches to the remarkable skills of our master craftsmen.

The Jewellery Journey

Discover how your ring will be brought to life, from our designer’s hand-drawn sketches to the remarkable skills of our master craftsmen.

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I honestly cannot recommend Ingle & Rhode enough

Ben and I knew that we wanted a conflict-free and ethical diamond, and we were so delighted to find Ingle & Rhode (and I was so glad to be part of the process...!) Ellie was so warm and helpful, and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does – we really enjoyed meeting her on several occasions, and she responded to all our questions and requests quickly and with such consideration; we really felt that we were getting a bespoke, personal, 1:1 process. I am beyond delighted with my beautiful Aria ring with my stunning lab-grown diamond – I'm 6 weeks engaged, and still don't stop staring at it in all different lights. Thank you so much Ingle & Rhode - you made the world of difference to us in the months before getting engaged, and we have not stopped telling people about you since.

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Ingle & Rhode were exceptional throughout the whole process

I was purchasing an engagement ring, so I had a lot to learn. Their website is very useful and helps you build your own ring. I also had an appointment for initial discussions and consultations. They were great at talking through options, giving suggestions and advising on ring size. I work overseas and so the logistics were complicated but they were so flexible and helpful. Everything went well and the ring was even delivered to the house. Brilliant follow up service for additional questions and support. Beautiful products and great service.

Kieran Barnes
Review on

Beautiful, ethical jewellery - can't recommend enough!

I am so glad that I found Ingle & Rhode when looking to buy my partner an engagement ring - they are superb, and the products are wonderful.

Buying an ethical ring was really important to my partner and I, and so I was immediately drawn in by Ingle & Rhode - unlike a lot of ethical jewellery companies, their rings are still very contemporary.. which was exactly what my partner wanted!

I had a couple of calls with Ellie during the process, who was so helpful - despite not having a great idea of what to go for, she was decisive and led me towards my own decisions; highly recommend speaking with the team, because they are wonderful (and lovely people too).

Can't recommend using Ingle & Rhode highly enough - my partner loved the ring that I chose, and we would definitely use them again for jewellery in the future.

Tom Gittens
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My experience from start to finish was superb

I have my dream ring which is my 10 year anniversary ring and its STUNNING I can’t stop looking at it. It took about 4 months from start to finish but so worth the wait. We had to find the right diamond and it then had to match my image I had in my head for the setting. From my first phone call to picking up the ring Ellie has been fantastic and very informative along the way. Hayley, the designer was so patient with me going back and forth on design and also had amazing ideas to really elevate the ring. The product and service is truly wonderful so much so I want to buy a new piece every year ( just have to convince the hubby ;) !! Well done team I&R

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Simply stunning!

I have just collected my beautiful bespoke ruby and diamond ring from Ingle & Rhode. The journey started with an email enquiry and a face to face meeting with Natalie, who was so helpful and talked through with me some ideas I already had. This ring isn't an engagement ring but more of a statement piece, and I knew that I wanted to find a product that fitted my ethical & environmental values. Hayley then took over with the design process which was so enjoyable, and I have loved watching and being involved with my ring slowly evolving from 6 initial designs. I was really happy with the final CAD artwork and now that it has been turned into the finished piece, it is simply stunning. I could not be happier with my purchase and would thoroughly recommend Ingle & Rhode to anyone looking for a bespoke design and ethical values for a special piece of jewellery, whatever the occasion. Thank you to the whole team!.

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The Bespoke Experience

If you’d like a ring that’s completely personal to you, then our bespoke design service is the perfect way to bring your vision to life. From the initial design process to the hand finishing by our master craftsmen, we’ll help you to create a uniquely ethical ring that’s right in every way.

  • From £1500
  • Design to delivery in 4-6 weeks
  • Complimentary sketches of potential designs to bring your unique ideas to life
  • Work one-to-one with an I&R designer to create a truly unique masterpiece

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