Engagement & Wedding Ring Sets

and bespoke shaped-to-fit wedding rings

If you commission us to design your engagement ring, we would be happy to design a matching wedding band for you at no additional cost. That way, you can be confident that when the time comes to get married, you can order a wedding ring that will fit perfectly with your engagement ring.

Alternatively, if you already have an engagement ring, we would be happy to create a bespoke wedding ring for you that perfectly complements its design.

The classic solution is to design a wedding ring whose width and curvature match the shank of the engagement ring. If the design of the engagement ring makes it impossible to fit a straight wedding band flush against it, we can create a shaped wedding ring to fit around its contours. Using Computer Aided Design software (CAD) we can model several options for you, allowing you to visualise different designs.

At Ingle & Rhode, we specialise in creating custom-made engagement rings and custom-made wedding rings. Please get in touch to arrange a complimentary bespoke jewellery consultation.

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