Reducing the demand for newly mined metals

We offer our clients the option of having their jewellery made using recycled gold and platinum. This reduces demand for newly mined metals, diminishing the environmentally damaging effects of mining practices.

Our recycled gold and platinum comes from a refinery that sources old gold and platinum from numerous post-consumer sources, including existing jewellery, and then refines these metals back to their pure form.

Once refined, recycled gold and platinum are of identical quality to (and therefore completely indistinguishable from) newly mined refined gold or platinum. For this reason, our refiner is independently audited and certified to guarantee that their metals really are 100% recycled.

As an alternative to 100% recycled gold and platinum, we also offer clients the option of having our jewellery made using Fairtrade gold.

Ethically Sourced, Exquisite Design

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Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode is one of London's number one jewellery destinations"

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode... the jewellers leading the way to cleaner, greener gold."

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Better shut the cabinet doors, I'm feeling involuntary kleptomania coming on"

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode is perfect for couples who want style and luxury with a conscience"

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode... committed to ethical sourcing."

Ingle & Rhode Review

"Ingle & Rhode produces beautiful pieces that you can wear with a clear conscience."