The most popular places in the world to propose

According to Instagram

From Paris and the language of love, to the bursting metropolis and skyline of New York City, these are the most romantic locations in the world to get down on one knee according to Instagram. Use our interactive map to discover Instagram’s cities of love.

The top 20 cities for proposals

With an average of 80 million photos uploaded every single day, Instagram is one of the most most popular online platforms for photo sharing. Image hashtags and geotagging have enabled us to use the Instagram API to find out the most popular locations for Instagram users to get engaged.

We combined data from four Instagram hashtags - #isaidyes, #proposal, #proposed and #heproposed to find more than 250,000 photos. The geographical coordinates were identified by checking the longitude and latitude of each image. We then cross referenced these to the nearest city to find the most popular locations for people to get engaged.

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