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Read our Buying Guides to help steer you through all of the big jewellery purchasing decisions!

  • 10 October 2023
    15 min read

    The buyers' guide to round brilliant cut diamonds

    Round brilliant cut diamonds are renowned for their unparalleled sparkle, making them the most popular cut used in diamond engagement rings today. Developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, the proportions, angles, and alignment of the round brilliant's facets are designed to optimise the reflection and refraction of light. In this comprehensive buyers' guide, we set out […]
    David Rhode
  • Loose Asscher cut diamond
    06 October 2023
    10 min read

    The buyers’ guide to Asscher cut diamonds

    Welcome to the definitive buyers’ guide to Asscher cut diamonds. As one of the most sophisticated diamond shapes, the Asscher cut embodies a rich history and distinct geometric appeal that has made it a sought-after choice among diamond connoisseurs and vintage enthusiasts alike. Rooted in the early 20th century and reflecting the artistic elements of […]
    Tim Ingle
  • marquise cut diamonds
    24 September 2023
    14 min read

    The buyers' guide to marquise cut diamonds

    Marquise cut diamonds, with their rich history rooted in the French royal court, are a testament to timeless romance and sophistication. Known for its elongated form with pointed ends, the marquise cut offers the impression of a larger size than its carat weight might suggest and a silhouette that can elongate and flatter the finger. […]
    Tim Ingle
  • Loose pear cut diamond in tweezers
    19 September 2023
    13 min read

    The buyers' guide to pear cut diamonds

    With its elegant teardrop shape, the pear cut diamond combines the traditional round brilliant and marquise cuts. Its silhouette, featuring a rounded bottom that tapers into a pointed top, offers a unique visual appeal that has been celebrated for centuries. If you're considering pear cut engagement rings, this guide will unravel the intricacies of pear […]
    Tim Ingle
  • 14 September 2023
    12 min read

    The buyers' guide to princess cut diamonds

    Princess cut diamonds have been a popular choice in engagement rings since the 1960s, and for good reasons. Princess cut engagement rings have an elegant, timeless look, but with so many different diamond shapes to choose from, it can be challenging to understand what sets one shape apart from the other. In this guide, we […]
    David Rhode
  • Loose radiant cut diamond
    13 September 2023
    11 min read

    The buyers' guide to radiant cut diamonds

    Radiant cut diamonds combine the elegance of the emerald cut's outline with the sparkle of brilliance faceting. Boasting 70 facets, they are revered for their dazzling light performance, making them an increasingly popular choice in recent years. In this guide, we'll walk you through the defining characteristics of radiant cut diamonds, the history and development […]
    Tim Ingle
  • cushion cut diamonds
    30 August 2023
    10 min read

    The buyers' guide to cushion cut diamonds

    Cushion cut diamonds appeal to many due to their unique shape, vintage feel, and unique watery brilliance. When viewed from above, they are broadly square or rectangular in shape but have slightly bowed sides and rounded corners. The cushion cut emerged over a hundred years ago but evolved from the old mine cut, which dates […]
    Tim Ingle
  • Emerald cut diamond
    23 August 2023
    12 min read

    The buyers' guide to emerald cut diamonds

    Emerald cut diamonds are a distinctive and elegant choice, favoured by many for their unique geometric appearance. The cut's clean lines and symmetry became hugely popular during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, and despite the rise of other fancy diamond cuts since then, the emerald cut has remained a classic choice, […]
    Tim Ingle
  • Loose oval cut diamond
    22 August 2023
    12 min read

    The buyers' guide to oval cut diamonds

    An oval cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut and is a popular choice for engagement rings and other fine jewellery, offering a distinctive and elegant look that works equally well in both modern and vintage designs. In recent years we have seen a significant surge in demand for oval engagement rings, and so we've […]
    Tim Ingle
  • loose sapphires
    06 February 2023
    12 min read

    A guide to ethical gemstones

    Beautiful, colourful, precious gemstones. But what exactly are they, where do they come from, what do you need to consider when buying one, and how should you look after them? Read on to learn all about these wonderful prized jewels.
    David Rhode
  • Sustainable diamonds
    29 January 2023
    8 min read

    Sustainable diamonds

    This article unpicks the facts from the greenwashing to explore the environmental impact of diamonds, and to examine whether truly sustainable diamonds exist.
    Tim Ingle
  • The Modern Western Birthstones
    09 January 2023
    14 min read

    A guide to birthstones

    Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with a particular month of the year and which some people believe have special properties that benefit the wearer.  The tradition of birthstones dates back to ancient times, and different cultures have associated different gemstones with different months.
    Tim Ingle
  • 01 January 2023
    6 min read

    How much to spend on an engagement ring

    One of the most common questions people ask when buying an engagement ring is how much to spend.  You may be familiar with the one-month rule or maybe even the three-month rule. However, we know that these "rules" are not the best advice for everyone.  This article explores how much to spend on an engagement […]
    David Rhode
  • Loose rubies
    31 December 2022
    10 min read

    Ruby: the July birthstone

    The gorgeous red ruby is the birthstone of July, and a form of corundum, making it a hard wearing gemstone and an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Indeed, until the 1940s, ruby engagement rings were favoured over diamonds.
    David Rhode
  • Three loose blue sapphires
    30 December 2022
    12 min read

    Sapphire: the September birthstone

    In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of customers choosing sapphire engagement rings, a trend which accelerated after Prince William proposed to the Princess of Wales in 2011 with the sapphire ring he inherited from his mother, Princess Diana.
    David Rhode
  • Loose emeralds
    21 December 2022
    9 min read

    Emerald: the May birthstone

    Every month of the year has its own birthstone, and for those lucky enough to have been born in May, their birthstone is the gorgeous green emerald.
    Tim Ingle
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