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We are now a B Corp!

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In today's world, consumers are more conscious than ever about where they spend their money. They want to know that the companies they support align with their values and have a positive impact on the world. This is why becoming a B Corp has become a popular choice for ethical companies, and we are so excited to say that Ingle & Rhode is now proudly part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact, and that are committed to using business as a force for good!

What is a B Corp?

B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation, and that means a business which its purpose and mission aims to benefit people and the planet.

B Corp is unique to other certifications because it is also a social movement, and it was created to prevent businesses pursuing profitable ventures that may cause long term harm to nature and society. It is a global movement of businesses supporting each other to improve and drive global change.

The B Corp Journey

The journey towards becoming a B Corp is not an easy one. It requires a rigorous assessment of a company's social and environmental impact, as well as its overall business practices. However, for Ingle & Rhode, it was an important step towards solidifying its commitment to our long time values of sustainability and ethical business practices.

B Corps are held to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

B Corp impact areas

We are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions not only on shareholders but also on our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

For us, becoming a B Corp was a natural progression. We were founded with a mission to create beautiful jewellery while making a positive impact on the world, using ethically sourced materials, such as recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds, and to work with artisanal miners to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.

This has allowed us to take our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility to the next level. It provides us with a framework for measuring and improving our impact, and a community of like-minded businesses that we can learn from and collaborate with.

Becoming a B Corp is a significant achievement for any ethical business, and we are no exception! It reflects our efforts to making a positive impact on the world and our commitment to using business as a force for good. Businesses need to reach a certain score to achieve B Corp certification and we’re proud to exceed this already high standard, and commit to not stopping there. To maintain our B Corp certification, we need to continue documenting our positive impact to qualify and undergo re-certification every three years, which involves updating our impact assessment and verifying our updated score.

We look forward to achieving an even higher score when we re-certify in 2026!

You can view our impact assessment here.


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Bianca Utihata
Bianca Utihata is part of the Ingle & Rhode sales executive team. Her role involves engaging with clients, managing sales, and providing expert advice so people can make a conscious choice. Bianca is passionate about ethical and sustainable practices, and she believes in promoting the use of responsibly sourced materials in the jewellery industry. She is commitment to transparency and is dedicated to helping customers make informed choices when it comes to purchasing ethical jewellery.