Pear Cut Diamonds & Gemstones

Beautiful tear-drops

Pear cut gems, sometimes referred to as 'tear-drops' are a striking shape, rounded at one end and tapered into a point at the other. They work beautifully as the central stone in engagement rings, pendants and pairs of earrings, or as 'accent stones', flanking a round or oval central stone.

pear cut diamond plotThe pear cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut with 58 facets, and the ideal proportions are generally thought to be when the length is about 1½ times the width.

However, this is to a large degree a matter of personal preference, and more slender or more stout proportions may be preferable for a particular engagement ring design.

If you choose an elongated pear shape, then this can have a flattering effect on the hand, making your fingers look longer and more slender.

Whichever proportions you prefer, you should always look for very good or excellent symmetry and polish as this ensures that light is reflected evenly, especially in the point.

If you're looking for a pear cut engagement ring, we have a wonderful selection of gems for you to choose from, all sourced from traceable ethical supplies, and guaranteed to be conflict-free.

In the gallery below, you can view a selection of some of the bespoke pear cut rings that we've made to order for previous clients. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or to discuss commissioning your own bespoke design.

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