Rub-Over Set Engagement Rings

A rub-over or bezel setting holds the diamond or gemstone in place with a 'rim' of precious metal arcing round the stone. Rub-over or bezel settings offer maximum protection to the gems and also add considerably to its perceived size.

Rub-over set engagement rings come in a very wide range of styles, from the very traditional to the very modern, and from 'Eastern' or ethnic designs to the more 'Western' styles. Half bezels are also very popular, where the bezel is 'split' into two sections.

In an engagement ring, a rub-over setting can allow all the stone to sit close to the finger, which can be more practical for day to day wear, as it makes it more difficult for the stone to catch or snag on anything.

In the gallery below, you can view a small selection of the rub-over set engagement rings that we've made for previous clients. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss how we might create a rub-over set engagement ring to your specifications.

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